My Little Pony in The Sims – Episode 1 – the Hooves Family


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It’s just another normal day for the Hooves family… or is it? Take a peek into their daily life as they live through another of their daily grind, Sims style!

The game that eats a large portion of my childhood, the very first sims will always have a place in my heart. I just have lots and lots of fun caring for them (or making their lives miserable!) Anyway, if this is well received, I promise you guys to bring you more of the sim ponies; A single one showing only Derpy’s family won’t be enough to display all the shenanigans or whatever fun you can have with the sims, not counting those expansions! (Thinking of doing Lyra and Bonbon, or ‘Tavi and Vinyl – the possibilities are endless)


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  1. How to download it? Sorry I have the game the sims mobile but I’m new here and my sister wants to download this game I was asking of how to download it?

  2. i wish this was a real game! its awesome! and also i remember when i was young, i thought this was an actual game and i said to my dad: Dad? can we get this game? then when he said its not a real one i was so upset X'D

  3. For an animation, this is really, really impressive
    I love this series and can't wait till a game is made based off of the series ❤️

  4. the answer to the question: "what are they taking off before showering, despite of them already being naked?"
    you know what episode of adventure time where jake tells us he wears spider silk pants? yeah that.


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