My Little Pony in the Sims – Hearth's Warming Season


This is something that is completely spontaneous, so please forgive me if the quality is lacking!

The whole playlist is available here! From episode 1 to 6 and the 2 bonus episodes

3 days ago, I thought of doing something for both Christmas and new year. So I gotta do it quick, and I hope the result is decent. Happy Hearth’s Warming and New Years to everyone!

Derpy’s voice is reused from episode 5, performed by the amazing Pinkie Rose

The Ponies theme was created by CosmicManta, who unfortunately has disappeared from youtube.


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  1. Octavia launches firework Aww a nice participation for Hearth's Warming Eve
    Firework land's on Christmas tree, and set's it ablaze

  2. hey, where do you download this game? i have the sims 4 but i want this one too, is there a free version of it? with no viruses preferably! 😀

  3. Omg I love seeing pony's in sims! XD Is it possible to buy Or rent it? Anyting to get your hands on ponysims >w< 💘would be awesome getting that game.

  4. Octavia Melody: It's time for the FIREWORK!!😄
    everypony including me looks to the sky
    Everypony :Ohhh….~😮
    then everypony suddenly start to panic except for me
    Me: sniff Hey, is it just me or is Christmas getting warmer?😏


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