My Top 5 Favorite Sony A6000 Lenses


Here is my list of favorite lenses for the A6000:

➥Primary Camera:
➥Backup Camera:
➥Vlogging Camera:
➥Wish List Full Frame Camera:
➥My Favorite Prime Lens:
➥My Favorite Wide Angle:
➥My Favorite Portrait Lens:
➥My Favorite Walkaround Lens:
➥50mm Lens:
➥Camera Batteries:
➥Audio Recorder:
➥SD Card:

My E-Mount Page on Amazon:


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  1. I want get a married you for adding this video on Youtube God bless you for make A massive jobe for us thx 😉

  2. Hey Arthur, I realize this vid is a bit old but I recently bought an a6k to see if I liked shooting and it's been fantastic so far (thanks for all the helpful vids). One question, since I intend to move forward and continue shooting, is your list of lens still valid or would you change your top 5 at all? If you have time, I'd love to get your input, you've done me right so far! Cheers, keep posting and I'll keep watching.

  3. Can you recommend a lens for nature / Forrest / landscape? I have a second channel for doing wild camping and bushcraft in woods and Lake Districts and I want to find a great lens to do it justice, thanks in advance to any suggestions.

  4. Thanks! I don't like my FE 50mm f1.8 by Sony is there enough light…I like kit lens 16 50 with amazing deep to field…even f5.6…may be 85mm is the best for portrait…

  5. but no display you dont have a flip screen so better use a sony 5100 😀 but hey dont worry the 6000 is great too. If you want to spend more fore 90% of the same things the sony 5100 can do and have no flip screen

  6. but let’s say I decided to go Sony… do you think going a6400 (no IBIS)with the 10-18mm wide lens since that has the stabilization… or go with the 6600 and get the 16mm since the 6600 has IBIS … both come out to same price… 6600 doesn’t have a flash though.. is that important? But I do like the f1.4 for it

  7. I’m a bit confused about the 50mm. What is the difference between the (not so good) full frame version and this one?
    I can’t find it anywhere. I would appreciate your answer. And thanks for all your great videos!

  8. The Elian hotel in San Antonio is awesome! I love that location. If you’re still in SA man, I’d love to go out shooting with you sometime. My insta is @kevinreyesphotography

  9. which would be better a nikon d5500 and nikon 35mm 1.8g or go for the sony a6000 and the sigma 30mm 1.4 . which would give the sharpest and betteer image quality? for photography?

  10. Hi, I own a 6300 and love your channel, the first thing I realized is I can understand you everything!, English is not my main language and I have some problem here and there always listening any review/podcast/film/movie whatever, sometimes I even can’t get any, seriously, that’s something very important 🙂

  11. Good evening, I hope you see this comment. First of all thank you for your video. I am going to Iceland and Finland to see the northern lights, which lense(s) do you recommend for pictures of the northern lights and stars? Thank you.

  12. Hey Arthur! What do you recommend out of this 5 for someone, who want to start outfit photography, and street photography?

  13. We are having an outdoor elopement ceremony in Sedona. I am going to ask my sister to take pictures and I wanted to see which lens will work best for this time of setting, being able to capture us and the landscape

  14. Sony f/4 18-105 is more versatile than all these lenses in video recording, or are you only talking about photo?

  15. if you have to choose between sony 85mm 1.8 and sigma 56mm 1.4 for the a6000 for portraits, which of these would you gain, for sharpness (optical quality) and speed of focus (continuous focus)?

  16. Know what I like about Arthur? he's a genuine guy. Unlike some of the idiots on you tube with their fake smiles and narcissistic videos like that lunatic jason vong

  17. For my Sony a6400, are Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and Sony 35mm F1.8 oss a good combo? I already own the Sony 35mm oss, but I'd like to purchase the Sigma 16mm+Ronin SC jimbal. I use camera 80% for videos.


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