NES Longplay [638] Toxic Crusaders


Played by: Reinc

Only a complete and helpless nerd like Melvin Junko could be such a klutz that he would run into a vat of Grossolium 90, a terribly toxic waste by-product of the Island City Chemical Plant. Now the wimpy nerd Melvin has mutated into Toxie, a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength. But all is not lost. Toxie, with his newfound power, has joined forces with Major Disaster, Nozone, Headbanger, and Junkyard to form the Toxic Crusaders. No, not the ultimate heavy metal band, you moron! This motley crew is sworn to defend Tromaville and the rest of the U.S. from the polluting ways of Dr. Killemoff and his Radiation Rangers! It won’t be any easy mop up operation, but with your help the Toxic Crusaders are sure to make a clean sweep of the six levels of sludge, slime, goop, and grime, while washing Killemoff and his filthy friends off the face of earth forever!

Killemoff captures all of the Toxic Crusaders save one. As Toxie, you must “mop’em up” through 6 levels and rescue his comrades.

Toxic Crusaders is a side-scrolling beat ’em up video game based on the American cartoon series Toxic Crusaders (1991), and Troma Entertainment’s 1984 film The Toxic Avenger. There are three versions of this game, each entirely different from the other: the NES, Genesis and Gameboy versions. The NES version was developed by TOSE and published by Bandai.

This game tries to mix in itself games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game and The Adventures of Bayou Billy but completely forgets to be variative and fun. The difficulty is here, but there are little ways to overcome it, and those trying to complete the game have to rely on ridiculously obscurely hidden power-ups. In fact, even a couple passages the player needs to walk through in order to progress in the game look exactly like background or traps you’ve been seeing through the level they are in. Also, the two crucial moves, the strong attack and the moonwalk, are not even mentioned in the manual, as if figuring out that you have to press Select to attack is something anybody will do sooner than later. However, the game does have some decent animated backgrounds and music.

I die on purpose one too many times to show different death sprites, messages, the game over and password screens.


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  1. We have started work on Toxic crusaders fan game. Its about time there was a fun and playable version ! check our vids for progress.

  2. “I’m gonna take a shit on this game. I’m gonna take a huge dump! Here I go! And I had baked beans for dinner!!!” – Lloyd Kaufman

  3. Guys pls help me i am looking for a nes game with 4 vehicles merging into a robot at the boss stages.there was a tank,a drill machine a plane and a mlrs as playable vehicles

  4. Much better soundtrack than the Sega Genesis version IMO, but I don't think this one's better in terms of playability. That's more subjective though I guess.

  5. wicked!!!!!!! Toxie had a NES version did not know that although i did play and owned the sega version but it crashed on me also for the sega they had the other cartoon characters in it which were playable No-Zone and junkyard for the second player.

  6. wooaaa .. i never knew they make the NES version … I've played and own the sega megadrive version and it's hard .. this somehow easier than the Sega version

  7. I appreciate the game promoting cleaning up the environment but the idea of reusing my tissue twice?? GROSS!

  8. It's too bad Bandai backed out of the partnership with Troma, otherwise we'd have gotten a Sgt. Kabukiman video game as well.


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