Path of Exile: Beginners Guide Series – Part 5 – Sockets, Gems and Flasks


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This is a guide series intended to help out new and old players understand all the small details about Path of Exile.

In this video, I will be explaining how you can use all different Skill and Support Gems via the Socketing system and the ever so important Flask System.


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  1. I keep trying to use this spell gem glacer hammer and it only works with this one weapon if it is the only thing in my hand am I doing something wrong

  2. I just got Siege Ballista. I'm a necromancer, so I don't need it, but I figured what the hell why not use it for now. Well I can't use it, it won't let me. Why not? It's a totem, so why wouldn't it work by itself? I have the required dexterity. And also, this gem has leveled up even though I haven't used it a single time. Do gems automatically level up in equipment, whether you use them or not?

  3. These have been helping me immensely. I started playing on my own without looking anything up, so I know I'm definitely going to start up a new character at some point (above standard level as the global chat instructs me haha)

  4. Does a life and hybrid or Mana and hybrid count as the same type of flask? You see what I'm driving at… Would those stack?

  5. Nice video, and awesome character, I just start and I’m lost, I just want to ask you one question, why do your video looks so bright ?…mine looks so dark, thank you for posting.

  6. Been playing for a couple months now and ran into your channel when trying to show a buddy the game, Even I'm learning a few new things from these videos. Great stuff!

  7. abilities or skills that come from gems that every class can use must be the most retarded game design choice ive ever seen. whats the point of having 7 classes if everyone can do everything at the end just some a little better than other classes?

  8. Thank you for the Guides! I just started playing PoE and I've been dying for something like! I feel stupid for not jumping on this game when it first came out!

  9. Spotted a little error: flask effects indeed don't stack, but if you have two of the same up, the STRONGER effect will be the active one (i.e. the rule is that only one buff can be active at a time). This is not the same thing as them overwriting each other.

  10. been playing with my son for a couple of days on the console, iv just started wrapping my own head around all the ins and outs of the game, you've really given me some eureka moments. But was unable to convey what I was realizing or thinking to my son. your vids have helped. many thanks exile.trying for a Templar build, built around ice damage(melee and spells) , duel wielding maces, any pointers?

  11. Since when you can put your gems in your gear and put them out just like that? When I was playing few years ago I remember that I was carrying gems pretty carefully
    to not put them in stuff I don't use.

  12. Just checking on the last statement, so when I hit 2 life flasks at the same time in a bad situation, it doesn't work? Only one life flask works and overrides the other?

  13. what about a guide for the gems that arte in the skill tree , how to use and manipulate them would be a good guide for me at least thank you for your time

  14. One can also see which support gems support an active gem by hovering the active gem. The support gems supporting it and linked to it will be highlighted with a white border. This works also the other way around. Hover the support gem and see which active gems are enhanced by this.

  15. EE,

    Been playing for a few months now and am always finding myself confused about some aspect of the game. Of course I've checked out other beginner's guides on youtube but your series is by far the most comprehensive and well produced that I've seen. Well done and looking forward to watching the rest and hoping you continue to produce more content as the game continues to evolve and succeed!

  16. Reddit brought me here as well. Thanks for the well written guide! I feel like I am already in over my head but fortunately I a friend who is going to show me the ropes as well.

  17. New to Poe, Reddit brought me here, This is amazing….I'll be leveling a duelist tonight with your guides open playing on my laptop. Thanks for making this game easier to take in. Coming from D3 to this is daunting… but made easier with these guides.

  18. this series needs more views. it seems to be the only vids that explain things properly. all other starter guides will just say stuff like "get gems put in sockets" and thats about it..


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