Rambo NES completed with no deaths, final boss killed no wall glitch used.

No tools, cheats, or save states used.

Rambo for the NES is developed by Pack-in-video and published by Acclaim. Many people like to relate Rambo’s likeness to such games as Zelda 2 or Simon’s Quest but aside from the similarity of an open world side scroller there is not much to brag about. Aesthetically Rambo may seem fun to play but what breaks this game the most are the crappy controls and the terrible hit detection. It takes a real pro to complete this on one life. Rather than take the easy way out by doing a speedrun and abusing the wall glitch at the end to skip the final boss helicopter I finish the game the right way without skipping the final boss. About the boss – there really is no way to beat him without taking damage and your going to get hit a lot.Have fun jealous newbs.

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