Savage Resurrection Has Launched!


A play-by-play of my highest killstreak in Savage Resurrection.
This video is part of a paid promotion.
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  1. Damn krip.. I used to like this channel. You're giving paid-for reviews now? Its like you do not even care about the game industry. Sellout.

  2. Either those shots are laggy or this weapon using hitscan. It definitely does not like you are actually shooting with projectiles… Anyway. Looks fun, but not my type of game.

  3. Do not trust S2 Games ever!

    They ruined everything they´ve ever touched, this game will also go downhill.

    Heroes of Newerth will be missed

  4. So this game looks absolutely sick, and I am definetly going to buy it,
    but is the matchmaking good ? I have the fear that I will get
    obliterated and flamed because i might be the new player, which has to
    play commander and has no idea what to do ^^

  5. Really enjoyed the video! Please keep doing promotions for such good games like you are doing. It's a win-win for everyone. I think I am going to buy this game.

  6. This game feels like Natural Selection 2, or is it just me? Seems like familiar concept, but I don't know that much about it.

  7. what i hear " i did a video on this last month but last month i wasnt being payed. now im being payed, the game is ALOT better"

  8. i have no problem with this content being sponsored. I'd just like a hit more transparency what sponsored content asks of the content creator. like: don't just tell me you got money, I want to know if you're allowed to voice negative thoughts, point out bugs and so on.

  9. savage my was game as well when I was a kid, but I've played it like 7 years ago, barely anyone on servers 😀

  10. Don't really get why everyone is giving Kripp so much shit for uploading this video, the game looks to be really fun and it seems like he's not just promoting it because he was payed, he really seems to enjoy the game and personally it looks really good and this video made me consider buying it

  11. man i saw this game when it came out and thought it looked soo awesome but I didnt have a system to play it on. So glad it still exists and still looks decent.

  12. LOL – Kripp is a joke thjese days. All about the $$$… Oh, and btw guys. He doesnt even like hearthstone. Just the cheese ;-]

  13. No problem with sponsored videos, I just wish that's not the ONLY other type of video you did. I understand wanting to do what makes the most money (I would do the same), but it'd be nice if you played games like this more often (After your sponsored videos) for fun. Very informative video, and it was a lot of fun to watch.


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