Savage Resurrection [P1] ► 30 Minutes of Unit Action RPG Gameplay – [Gamer Encounters!]


I’m a MASSIVE fan of the original Savage: The Battle for Newerth. How did I not know they were making a sequel!? (Savage 2 doesn’t count).
In this part, we check out the FPS and 3rd-person mêlée aspects of the game. Part 2 is the RTS stuff :
Streams scheduled for 9AM on Saturday & Sunday, GMT+8. Friday & Saturday evenings if you’re in the Americas.

#SavageResurrection on Steam :

Savage XR (The original Savage that still has a big community and it’s FREE!)

Gamer Encounters Impressions & Reports
Neither a let’s play nor a review. #GamerEncounters is a first impressions format of video game coverage. These are #newgames that I have spent fewer than 2-3 hours playing and can be of titles that have fully released or are still in early access/Alpha/Beta.


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  1. Hey now – Savage 2 was great! 😛

    But yeah – This was such a great subgenre hybrid that never really caught on like MOBAs did.

  2. Love the first Savage and still jump on and play XR once in a while. Currently pretty disappointed with Resurrection and how they've handled the marketing and the development. Still hoping it will turn out good though.


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