[Season 4] How To Play Shaco Late Game – Diamond Gameplay | LoL


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A look at how Shaco can transition his effectiveness in to late game and not fall off.

Red – 6 AD 3 AS
Yellow – 4 AS 5 Armour
Blues – AS
Quints – 2x Armour Pen 1x AD

There are many rune pages that work on Shaco and that are effective. It all comes down to personal preference, but if you’re looking for a simple Shaco page I would recommend AD Red, Armour Yellows, Attack Speed Blues and AD Quints.

MASTERIES – 21/6/3

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Shaco jungle League of Legends full game commentary, Diamond 1 Elo.

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  1. Hello Foxdrop i am a really big fan and there is a much more efficient way to play good old dorans shaco. Go 17 in offensive and get 13 points in utility making sure to get the 40 extra starting gold and extra 3% life steal. the 40 more gold gives you another potion when jungling and the 3% etra life steal makes 6% lv 1 and any lifesteal you have from runes can keep you at a favorable health and lets you gank at lv 3 with doubles. This is for people that miss that double dorans mobi's op build lol. 🙂

  2. Oh one quick question though, how bout if I use Crystalline Flask then a couple of Health potions early game to farm? Awesome video by the way!

  3. If you are watching TV and listen to the guy, or if you are blind, you can easily belive he is D best player in D world! Everything he does is perfect, all his choices are super perfect. He does that because of that, or this because of that. I'm not saying you are a bad player, but Hell, this is SOOOOOOOOO annoying to listen. Hugs 🙂

  4. the tower dive at 6:12 was really bad you abandoned your teammate. YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE TOWER DMG + DONT CHICKEN OUT WHEN YOUR TEAMMATE IS TANKING FOR YOU.

  5. You can easly do your early game clear without popping a single potion, if you learn how to let your boxes switch the agro correctly. I'm usually starting with dorans and 2 pots (+40 gold starting masteries) and I have 2 potions left after I hit 3, doublebuffed, with almost full health

  6. You should've placed the box behind the wolves, golem, lizard, wraiths… make the box tank and your passive is used for double damage….

  7. hardest time for shaco late game. You're way to squishy to do anything. Unless if you built tanky, but normally you wouldn't on him.

  8. I love this guy. He plays Shaco pretty closely as I do. Except dat dorans. I ain't got time fo dat. Need dem early ganks to snowball lanes.

  9. "I figure she's doing dragon, so I go check. She is doing dragon, so I beat the shit out of her, and while I'm beating the shit out of her I Smite the Dragon, which is kinda cool"

    Best line in the video. Except possibly David's wang.

  10. I just want to say thanks foxdrop, you really help me and i feel like ive become a better player from watching your videos 🙂 thanks

  11. I actually started using a new shaco build that allows me to 100-0 an adc or apc, so I can actually participate in team fights quite well. 

  12. i might be one of the best shaco's na like srsly i know his mechanics so well i couldve taken a 3v1 in this game and won 🙂

  13. I see no way anyone could really prefer the live commentary to this. This kind of analysis/commentary is really great.
    Although I absolutely think that today, 4.5 patch, that build is obsolete. 

  14. I've enjoyed a lot of your videos Foxdrop, but I especially enjoyed this one. I didn't mind at all you pausing or replaying certain things, and the level and detail of your explanations really teach a lot about the game. Thanks much!

    PS Loved the sculpture analogy 😛

  15. pointless to start doran's blade when you have to recall after doing double buff. you gave up a big amount of experience, gold and pressure there

  16. Why would you title this video season 4, when the very first sentence you said was "This is pre-season 4"?
    Kinda deceptive. 

  17. How can we turn the Colors to Blue Team and Red Team ( while spectating? ) Now i have as Blue and Purple Team :/

  18. I saw alot of shaco player build shiv or critical rather than lifesteal first. Is it depend on the situation or lifesteal actually better for shaco early game?

  19. Very helpful vid! I tried Shaco because of his awesome personality and mechanics but I just couldn't figure out the late game. Thanks man! 😀

  20. Yo if your jungling get wriggles lantern then hydras or static I build static because I build an infinity edge afterwards then a black cleaver then a guardians angel when that happens people are hit hard. When its about 30-40minutes in the game I go ahead and but a phantom dancer or a blood thirster. You can also build the items in the beginning hydras or static.


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