Should You Upgrade? NEW Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens Comparison


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We compare two lenses, the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 mark 2 vs. the mark 3. Will the new version of the lens beat the old, or are the results too close to justify upgrading? Find out in our lens comparison!

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70-200 mark 2:

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  1. I rarely use my ii version, it's too heavy. I shoot portraits and always seem to reach for my 135L. Bought the II thinking I could use it for my son's sports (but I rarely take out) and portraits. I feel like my 135L is sharper, now I bummed I spent so much money on this one and the value has gone way down and now there is a better version.

  2. does the Rf 70-200 also have this difference in light? on the canon website it does not mention that the lenses have "florite" as the iii EF does.

    it was good to make an equal video but between EF VS RF

  3. The 70-200 f/2.8 Usm is an awesome lens. I got on yesterday and I am very satisfied about it, it is also only 1400$

  4. AWWWWWWWWWWW Tony is one lucky dude did anyone notice Chelsea looking at Tony talking at times doing like a love smile like that's my man yooooo allll keep out !!!!!!!!!!!! ….amazing couple ………

  5. I don’t think ver 3 so much sharp than ver 2. Look at the pics, I think the pics on ver 2 could be out of focus on eyes. I have compared ver 2 to 135L. The 135L just slightly is better to my 70-200 II in terms of sharpness. The improvement of ver 3 would be coatings and better IS

  6. Damn you, I had already bought a Mark II used, but now I had to cancel and buy the Mark III, expending quite more, because of two videos saying the III is sharper at 200.

  7. Hi Tony and Chelsea I love your videos, I’m a concert photographer here in Charleston and I’m looking to get the 70 -200 lens but my question was what exactly is the flash you’re using because I really want a low-profile flash just like that for my new Mark IV, Thank You!

  8. Hi guys,

    I have the V2 70-200. Is it worth upgrading to the RF 70-200? I don't see a reason to upgrade to the V3 EF 70-200, now that I have the EOSR, altho I can save 1000.00 now with going EF V3. Have you guys compared these 2?

  9. Great video. Do you do these test with the lenses straight out of the box or do you micro adjust them first? Some of the sharpness difference could be a simple micro adjustment. Awesome videos.

  10. Hi guys

    Let me ask you: I own a copy of EF-70-200 f/4L IS. Recently I purchased a 5D Mk IV. In your opinion, (regarding sharpness and bokeh mostly: portrait is what I like), is it worth the upgrade? Down here in Brazil Canon is offering a sale on the new Mark 3.


  11. Thanks for the review, I have the older is version, and bought it years ago and it's in good condition. While it's nice to see a difference in my case I would keep what I have.

  12. Have a better idea, buy a Neutral Density filter, screw it on the front of the version II and you have a version III

  13. Did anyone notice on mark iii in really low light locks focus really slow comparing with the previous version ,maybe is the new coating on the front and back element?🤔

  14. Short video and to the point! What a relief compared to other YouTubers. I'll be watching more of your videos!


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