Sims FreePlay – Weather Machine Quest with Hermione & Ron (Let's Play Ep 15)


This is a tutorial and walkthrough of the Sims FreePlay Alien Concept Weather Machine Quest, featured in episode 15 of our Let’s Play series for The Sims FreePlay. We’re starting from the very beginning, with Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter as the town’s founding sims! (More characters from other fandoms will follow.) For this Sims FreePlay Let’s Play series, we’re doing tutorials and walkthroughs of all Sims FreePlay quests — on a budget — until we finally catch up to the Royalty Quest.

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“Cipher” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  1. I go to every household in my sims game but I can’t find the one where the alien is in to become best friends with him 😔😔

  2. So your saying after reading I have to spend a day waiting for my sim to finish using the soap box when I have 2 days only?

  3. this is very helpful thx much ,when im doin these quest it gets confusing u help a bro like me who love sims out so 😉

  4. OMG…
    I love that you can control the weather.
    I'm almost done with this quest.
    She's in "deep sleep" now.

  5. I have no idea how to get the lp points?!
    I'm out. My City is worth somewhere around $5,000,000. I have 22 people….
    I don't know why that is because I honestly don't believe I did it right.
    I have the Police Station, Store where you can buy a pet (not the grooming or gift one), hobbies, Science workstation, Elementary School, Movie place, Swim Center, Real Estate, firestation, Bar, Town Hall, Art studio (where they work), I do have the bridge done. So I have the stable with one horse, 3 island's ( I believe that is what they're called *where you collect gold, rocks etc. not completely done.) I also have the train going to the Hospital (not built yet will cost $600,000.
    I am now working on the "Alien", "Campground" and "Restaurant" quests. These take so much time.
    I can't use lps because I don't have any (I'm not going to use my real money). I have 21 hours to complete one of the quests and I'm only about 63-86% done.??!!
    I make sure that one of my Sims is always on the next step, I even clock it in real life.
    I absolutely love this game but it's addicting and some of the quests are too long.
    But I do love playing.


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