Sony 18-105 F/4 vs Sony 35mm F/1.8


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  1. so grateful for this because im trying to figure out what lens I really need for portraits but also everything else I want/need

  2. This is a rather mute comparison since you shot mostly low light gray/winter scenes with an f4 lens. It doesn't give a fair comparison. Obviously the aperture limitations can't keep up on the f4.

  3. Need some input. I have the 35mm 1.8, and only plan to get 2-3 lens.
    Should I get 18-105 or the sigma 16mm? I know they are different. I guess my question is, given enough lighting, is the 18-105 close to sigma 16mm? I'm thinking, if they are close, it might be wroth the price difference so I can get a zoom lens. Thanks

  4. I use the sony f1.8 50mm for low light but thinking of getting the 18-105 for the zoom range. But when i see these results you sacrefice quite a lot in qaulity for it

  5. You say the comparison doesn't make sense, but as a beginner, I appreciate this comparison. It's nice to see a bit of the capabilities between a prime and zoom lens. I really found the 35 mm vs 99 mm image comparison ( 7:27 ) to be very interesting as I am still trying to wrap my head around how the focal length affects the image.

  6. Hello
    I really appreciate all of your videos, keep doin what u r doing.
    I have a Q though, can the 18-105 make portrait , at 50mm f4, with bokah ( im not that into the deep bokah…just a little bit is fine by me ) ?!?

  7. I bought 18-105mm lens for my video shooting. And I bought 35mm 1.8 for portrait ( cuz of its low F stop# ) and street photo (cuz of its weight.)

  8. I have recently purchased sony a 6000 (used body) only to realise later that the lenses of sony r quite hefty in pricing, i think i’ll go with the kit lens. I would 16mm @ f3.5 which 18-105 couldn’t deliver, i would also get 35mm at or around f 4 which is identical to 35mm of 18-105mm, though i’ll have to compromise with 35mm, f1.8 of 35mm prime lens.

  9. After watching almost all of your videos about Sony lenses I can say only one thing.. they sucks 😒 compared to sigma lenses are just ridiculous. First of all in terms of price and then I don' t understand why they have to make a 18-105 f4…. a 18-200mm f3,5 to f6,3.. or prime lenses that minimum focal length is 2,8! Sigma has f1,4 lenses at reseanable price while Sony has a f2,8 that cost at least 1300 dollar! Crazy…

  10. Thanks for these videos.. I think the 18-105 is great for video due to a "softer" look.. Great for a cinematic feeling in my opinion. the 35mm is defiantly sharper and great for photo's.

  11. Has anyone ever mentioned that it's not really practical to compare lenses with completely different purposes? Comparing a lens with a wide zoom range and slower aperture to a fast prime such as the 35 is like comparing a truck to a Ferrari. Real comparisons would be same focal length, different brands or apertures, or say a 35 to a 50 but both being 1.8 and which may be better for you.

  12. Great video, one question though. Wouldn't the 35mm always be sharper when stopped down to match f/4 aperture of the 18-105? From my experience fast lens are arent as sharp wide open.

  13. I think people ask for comparisons like this because they haven't spent a lot of time shooting with both. It takes practice to generate an idea of look and style of a certain lens!

  14. It just doesn't make sense to have a high res camera with a weak lens like the G. It's like driving a car with the brakes set.

  15. I've been watching a few of your videos as I consider moving to Sony APC. Thanks to your videos I will make the jump. Just need Sony to release the A6700 / A7000 🙂

  16. Pointless comparison for those that know camera gear. For the uneducated, however, this is great video. Godspeed!

  17. Hi, thank you very much for all your reviews. I have a question if there is a sound justification to afford 35mm already having 18-105 cause I assume that I could achieve better shots during my city-break trips thanks to prime lens.

  18. come on…compare with same level…. Sony 35mm f1.8 vs Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN or Sony 18-105 with sony 18-135

  19. Hey Arthur, thanks for this video

    reference : 07:48

    Can you compare 105mm f4 vs 85mm 1.4? (looking for portrait photography)
    I am thinking of getting 16mm or 85mm f1.4 (Now i have 30mm f1.4 and 18105)
    If you can make a comparison, of the above it would be really helpful.

  20. MAN!!! you're the best. I've just have this question a minute ago and find a video that you made more than a year ago.

  21. As always… thank you. I have my eye on the 18-105 as I want a decent zoom lens. A shame there are no f2.8 zoom lenses for the a6500.


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