Sony 18-105 F4 G OSS: Best Sony APS-C Lens


Looking for that perfect lens for your Sony E Mount camera (a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500)? Then check out this video! I discuss how the Sony 18-105 F4 G OSS lens is the best lens for my Sony a6400.

Sony 18-105 F4 G OSS:

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  1. You really can’t hate this lens 🍘🍘>   I just wish that it was f/2.8 for this price. If you already have prime lens then you probably can skip this one. But if you are looking to buy your first lens, this is the one for your Sony A6500, A6300, a6000.

  2. I got it. It feels very nice because of metal and the zoom/focus rings are also mate out of metal and are smooth af. Very sharp but some distortion – but you can correct it with Lightroom. After all would I only get one lense fo sony alpha 6xxx it would be this lense.

  3. Hi Jared. Is it possible to use it on sony a7ii? Cause is half price (and weight) respect the 24-105 full frame.

  4. Love this lens on my a6300 plus the sigma 30 1.4, they are a great combo for various types of photography. Great video by the way 👍

  5. How it compares to 18-135mm lens. I am from India and the prize of sony alpha a6400 with 18-135mm lens is around $1362.64 and the prize of body is around $933.62 This meaning if I go with 18-105mm lens then the whole package will be of $1500.
    So does giving $200 more justify

  6. Hey Jared, thx for this video.
    I´ve got a question:
    With f4 on sunny weather and 24 fps with 48 shutter, do you need a nd filter to shoot?
    When yes, what stops?

  7. I have a cruise coming and I want to take my a6400. I already have the Sigma trio 16,30 and 56. I’d love to have just one lens instead of constantly switching them out. Is this the one I want?

  8. Great video. I already have this lens on my a6000. But i am planning on selling it to get a sony 35mm. I am interested in travel and street photography. I am torn. Should i sell this lens or just keep it?

  9. i'm not sure if i should go with the sony 18-105 or the 55-210. if i wanna film my son hockey game, i'm not sure 105 is enough

  10. Great review! All of you says just convinced to me that this lens is perfect for video but for photo the 18-135 in my opinion is better

  11. I just got it today, the lens looks amazing so far,..super fast af for my a6500. Coming from a kit lens 18-55 from my nex f3 its a big change.

  12. My gimbal lens is the 16-50mm kit on an a5100. I am going to get the 18-105mm and a 30mm Sigma or Sony 35mm for my other a6*** cameras

  13. Jared – great video/review.
    I am looking at the 18-105 or 18-135.
    Is there a reason you chose the 18-105 over the 18-135?
    Thanks man!

  14. Difficult choice but I'm a super fan of my 85mm…. BUT this looks like a really nice option for some variety. Keep up the videos…. Top quality! 👌🏻

  15. good video … I have that lens for video work as well, mostly on the a6400 … even works great on the A7rIII in APS-C mode … for photo work, results are a bit boring but I prefer prime lenses for that, so there you go 😉 … The only real problem with that lens is, that it has some very odd and noticeable distortion especially quite a bit pincushion distortion at the end of the zoom range … so if you lens firmware or you camera firmware is not up to date or you do not have lens compensation / correction activated, it will result in some odd looking footage for certain zoom ranges … also you might see a odd image distortion while zooming fast while the camera is compensation the lens distortion… Also, even with the latest firmware on the lens and my Sony F7 the lens correction does not work with that camera for some reason, so keep that in mind… but overall a very nice versatile lens, especially for the money.


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