Sony 18-105mm f4 – The best lens for video?


Welcome to my first “vlog”! Today we’re testing out the 18-105mm f4 in a couple different locations. Let me know what you guys think about the footage. Read the description below for my pros and cons on this lens.



My thoughts on this lens:

Overall: “It’s pretty good”


Great all-around lens

Fast AF

Nice bokeh at the longer end

Works on the Zhiyun Crane

Covers you from wide to super close-up

Pretty good lens flares.

Doesn’t change length when you zoom so you never have to rebalance your gimbal.


Not f2.8 (bad low light, not a lot of bokeh at the wide end)

Power zoom – not a fan of the zoom switch and the fact that it zooms out when you turn off the camera.

Focus by wire: does not have a mechanical focus ring, but instead electronic which makes it harder to pull focus (most sony lenses have this style.

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  1. Great video Cody, helped me a lot. Although I have question If you were to go to Mongolia for filmmaking locals living in tents, hunting with eagles, riding horses. What would be your lens choice for APS-C camera? Sigma 30mm f/1.4 + sony e 18-105mm f/4 or something else? maybe only sigma 24-70mm f/2.8?

  2. Man! What if I have to film a video podcast with my a6400? I'll be in a normal room, with a desk and 4 people. I have also to do, some zoom on faces …. Please I'm just a beginner, let me know…Thank you so so much! 🙂

  3. I have it ,but not good for vlogging as you showed, for other thing good one tho. Nice footages you have taken with it ,fan of your style. Have you used nd filter ?

  4. Bought this lens cause of this video! Shot with one lens 18-105mm on my a6000 + sony action cam

  5. Good Day
    I would like your opinion, this past weekend I attended wedding and I thought I would take some pictures for practice. I have a Sony A6400 with Sony 18-105 g lens. I had the camera setting on shutter priority, 1/640, ISO auto (6400), WB-auto. Everything was dark and grainy. Do you have any suggestions what type of lens I should buy for inside for that purposes?

  6. that lens, is not too heavy for vlog? I want to buy it but I'm thinking about that because I like make vlogs

  7. Hey man, Im trying to get into video (and some photography). would you recommend 18-105 or the 18-135mm lens for sony a6300? Thanks man

  8. If you had to have only one lens and to choose between the 18-105mm and the sel85f18, what would it be and why? Thank you to those who will respond 😉


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