Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens review with sample pictures


A popular, image stabilized, fast 50mm lens for Sony mirrorless APS-C cameras. Before I tested this lens I’d seen mixed reviews of it. Let’s take a close look – because it this lens is any good, it could be a great option for a lot of people.

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All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Great lens for the cost is the better all around lens◐◐>   Very fast focus and sharp is enough for me. I would highly recommend it.

  2. Excellent review!…just bought this a few days ago for my olf mirrorless NEX and not sure whether to keep it or swap for 35mm (comment left on your review of Sony 35mm OSS lens). Anyway, I almost bought the Sony 50mm without the OSS which is cheaper and the guy at the store told me even tho it does not have OSS, it does in fact have "better glass"…is this true or was he just pulling my leg?

  3. Hi I have this lens for my a6000. I also bought an A7ii and the full frame FE 50m F1.8 recently. I am hoping to get the 55mm zeiss lens at some point (read that it is one of the best) . I am now wondering whether I should return the full frame 50 mm lens and just save up for the 55 zeiss? What are your thoughts? Is that worth it. Also could I use my aps-c 50mm lens on the full frame A7ii? Or is it worth keeping the full frame 50mm as well?

  4. A great review, Will buy this lens for my A6000 to improve picture quality. Now using kitlens 16-50 and 55-210.

  5. Hi, i plan to buy sony a6400 could you please recomend me which lens will fit for this camera specially for potrait, cooking video and landscape?

  6. After watching this video, I bought the lens right away. And I am completely satisfied with it. Use it almost every day. Thank you!

  7. Absolutely love your videos, Christopher. Wouldn't purchase a new lens without viewing them here first! cheers for taking the time to do them.

  8. I want to use this lens for music videos, low light is mainly the reason i need this lens for, close up and long distance as you know how music videos are these days, i have the sony 6300 and will be filming in 4k of course, is this lens for me? It will be my first ever lens i will be purchasing on a camera, will i be happy with this lens for music videis in day light and low light, will this do the perfect job comparing to the kit lens for sony a6300 which i purchased 2 days ago but do not agree with low light conditions? Please help

  9. ( Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS ) € 169.00 INCREDIBLE!!!
    AMAZON BLACK FRIDAY —-> Click here

  10. I really like this lens on my A6000. In fact, it's probably the sharpest lens I own. I love the bokeh it makes. I've seen busy bokeh some of my legacy lenses make. Now, I have an A7ii, this lens works amazingly well on it in APS-C mode. I will eventually get the SEL50F18F lens, but maybe I don't need it.

  11. excellent review! very objective and takes into account the things that matter when it comes to choosing lenses

  12. how about Sony SEL50 °F18 full frame e mount vs. Sony 50mm F1.8 E-Mount Lens e mount?( both are on Sony a6000) Can you give me a tip of which i should buy? Thank you!!

  13. Would you recommend this over the Sony FE 50mm for the a7ii? Seen both your reviews on the two lens, and it seems to me this one is miles better than the FE one, despite it having being a 75mm equivalent.

  14. Which lens is sharpest in a Sony Nex? This lens? (Sony SEL50, f1.8) or the vintage lens Meyer Goerlitz 50 mm, f 1.8? Thanks!


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