Sony PZ 18-105mm f/4 OSS 'G' lens review with samples


Here we have yet another zoom lens option for Sony’s APS-C cameras, this time, with some special features for video makers. With its nice zoom range and constant maximum aperture of f/4, will it be attractive enough for stills photographers, too? It’s for Sony’s E-Mount mirrorless cameras, and it covers and APS-C image circle.

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All pictures taken by me on Sony a7r ii and Sony a5100 cameras.

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  1. Great value considering the price and quality of the lens. 🍘🍘>  I bought mine from Kenmore Camera–like Amazon. com they offer free shipping, but they do not tax their item.

  2. I recorded a full vlog with Sony a6600 and Sony 18-105 lens. Here it is:

  3. Christopher, I really enjoy your your videos, and somebody has probably already made this comment that owns this lens, but I'm not going to read all the comments, but at about 2:30 you say you can't get a very smooth slow zoom, but you TOTALLY CAN LIKE NOTHING ELSE. I have owned the lens about two years and use it effectively for such things as kids' soccer games and also chorus concerts and other concerts. If you put just the slightest pressure against the PZ slider, you can zoom so slowly it is almost imperceptible to the viewer (I hope). It allows changing the scene on live continuous performances/sports without having two cameras to inter-cut. I just did a simple test to post the result here, and on first try in my den, I did a zoom from 18 to 105 totally smooth that took 40 seconds. I am glad the 16-55 2.8 has finally arrived, and I think it is worth the (reduced $1200) price even though I'm not putting-out the dough for it right now, but I believe the 18-105 PZ is an almost-unique event-lens tool with respect to size, weight, cost and capability in camera history. Of course part of that is because the camera can make in-camera corrections that were impossible not-so-long-ago.

  4. Hi. I have a little loose sound that you can hear if you tilt the lens up and down, its like something is loose inside that makes a little sound… It is only like this when the camera is turned off. When its on there is no sound at all.. Could it be the OSS mecanism that is like this or is the lens might broken? It does work excellent in both movie and photos. Do you have the same thing on your lens?

  5. I must say, you have one of the most detailed and interesting videos out there. Amazing work!
    I was wondering what you would choose to upgrade the 16-50 kit lens on an a6000? Preferably a fast zoom. Im struggling to decide and can't really afford anything above £600 otherwise i wouldve gone for the sony 16-55 f2.8 🙁

  6. Hey Christopher, great review as usual!!
    I have a question: would you suggest this lens as an all-around-traveling lens on a Sony a6000? In the case of limited luggage space this to be a solution you would take if you could only take camera body & 1 lens, for instance? [and being on a reasonable budget too… 🙂 ]
    Thanks for your help!

  7. my sony rep says to me its more for video than still photos .. I do mostly street and some landscape..not into video ..

  8. For video this lens is fantastic! You get a wide range of focal lengths, a constant aperture, an electronic zoom, and a relatively compact package! Add a variable ND filter and you're golden! The ideal zoom lens does not replace prime lenses, it compliments them and this lens does just that. Combine this lens with a set of primes and you've got a great collection for film work! At least that's my plan. I have this lens but I need to get a set of primes when the money is available.

  9. I was looking at this lens and then found some true bench testing that was done to evaluate its optics. Has very serious pincushion distortion across very nearly its entire range – which has been reported by others, along with being soft, even when stopped down. The pincushion itself is a deal breaker. Doesn't matter how good the modulation transfer function is (or isn't in this case). Wouldn't use it for a professional shoot with that kind of distortion, not under any circumstances. Any architectural foreground or background would show it immediately. Rectilinear lenses should produce straight lines from straight lines in real life, not gross and disgusting curved ones.

  10. Thank you, Christopher! I've been all morning watching your reviews contrasting with the market prices trying to decide which lens to get for an upcoming video project. I think the conclusion is this lens, despite it being wildly different from my original gut instinct.

  11. I just can't get over this lens' size in particular. If it had all the other features, quirks, idiosyncracies, and it were half the size it is, I think I'd be able to justify the purchase. But it's just so large–approximately 4.5" in length and almost a pound in weight! It seems to defeat the very purpose of the asp-c / mirrorless camera.

  12. Honestly, this lens seems overhyped the more I research it; it seems to have a lot of problems — an attempt by Sony to get it to do "everything" has resulted in it not being very good at much of anything.

  13. Hi Christopher, I'm still missing a review of the Sony E 10-18 mm F4.0 super wide-angle lens. It would be nice to hear from you a review of this compact but expensive lens. Thank you for your expertise; CF photography is widely unmatched.

  14. Hello sir, this is an amazing preview that I ever have. Can I ask you one question.
    Can I use this for a portrait photo, cause I want to shooting for lookbook fashion too, I already have sel 1.8f 50mm. But I need one with a wide screen

  15. Super great all round lens. The power zoom is very smooth, It's just a question of getting use to it. Sample

  16. Hi, would you choose this lens over the Sony 18- 135 f 3.5/5.6? i 'll be shotting video as well, thanks!


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