Stack Size Adjustments in Tournament Play by Matt Affleck


In this video, Matt Affleck will teach you the key adjustments you should make in tournament play!

This can be a tough subject, so make sure to take notes and let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Also in late stages of tournaments its going to be really rare to have 100-150 bbs no? Would you still recommend the same hand ranges at 50bb in the video?

  2. can you do a video on late and early position hand ranges at 50 and 100-150-200 big blind strategy? So much great info in this video, more should be incorporated into it!

  3. What do you do when mark oushanna steals your bankroll outside of the poker room handing stacks of fake money and running?

  4. In the polar Vs linear 3bet video, with 50bb stack effective you say that it's best to use a polar 3bet range where you 3bet suited hands cause offsuit hands would make too many bluffs and suited hands are stronger in case we are called. Now here with 50bb stack you 3 bet the offsuit Broadway's. Kind of contradictory.

  5. I really love how practical everything is taught to us. Like how they teach us how to think, what ‘types’ of hands to do what with rather than memorizing charts. Makes everything that much more digestible, and implementable. ♠️♥️♣️♦️#PokerCoachingDotCom

  6. Great video, I love the 3 betting ranges and explanations.I feel like this video in itself can make you pretty decent at tournament poker if you actually use it

  7. One more request! You touched on pre session routine! Do you have different routine going into cash vs tourney mindset. Day one opposed to day 5 of WSOP.
    Thanks again!

  8. Darn, just on my way out the door and this pops up. I am too committed to what i was about to do but "I'll be back!"


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