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This tutorial and the steps involved have been performed on number of system and have been successful always.
If you follow the instructions carefully you can be pretty sure to have positive results. In case if you are unsure in any step please acquire enough information from other sources and then only proceed further.
However you need to have your own discretion while using these steps as its your system and I cannot be held responsible for any damage to your system in any way.

One of the most common mistake people commit while installing Teamviewer on their system is that, they forget to select the option ‘For Personal Use’ and instead install with the default option ‘For Commercial Use’. As a result, teamviewer stops functioning after a couple of days from installation. Even though you are genuinely using it for personal use you’ll no longer be able to use Teamviewer.

So here’s a solution that should work for most of the people:

Step 1: Uninstall the copy of Teamviewer from your system

You can use free uninstallers or can also use Window’s default ‘Add or remove‘ program which can be found at: ‘Start’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Control Panel’

Step 2: Removing unnecessary files of Teamviewer from the system

Click on Start – Run – type %appdata% – delete TeamViewer folder and also delete “C:\Program Files\Teamviewer”

Step 3: Delete registry folder
hkcu/software/teamviewer and hklm/software/teamviewer

Step 4: Change the MAC address/ Physical address/ Network address of Ethernet

a. Goto Network and Sharing Centre
b. Goto Change Adapter Settings
c. Right click on Ethernet or Local Area connection **select the first one if there are more than one** and select properties
d. Click on the Configure button
e. In the new box Goto Advanced tab
f. Here find out the field Network Address from the list
g. In the Network Address the default selection will be: Not present
h. Change it by selecting the Value option and Enter in the field any valid MAC address of any device. **MAC address is generally of the form: 3A-34-52-C4-69-B8** You need not give the dashes while you input the address in the Value field. Also, it is not case sensitive but it’s a good practice to insert it in Uppercase.
i. Click Ok and you are done with this step.

You can also refer to this link for guidance on the same:

Step 5: Clean your systems registry

You can use a free registry cleaner for this purpose such as CCleaner. You can download it from here:

I can’t be held responsible for any Trojan intrusion or faulty software….

Step 6: Reboot your PC

Step 7: Install fresh copy of TeamViewer

You can download a fresh copy from the official website:

I can’t be held responsible for any Trojan intrusion or faulty software….

Ensure you select the option ‘Personal Use’ ***I’m assuming that you are playing fair here !**


Give your suggestions and queries in the comment section below.


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  1. thanks a lot this worked for me! i had this issue where i would use it for personal use , but teamviewer showed me the expire message while i was not using it for commercial use.

  2. Question: after the MAC address is changed, is there any impact to any Other installed apps? Please advise … Thank you!

  3. What MAC address do you use at the end when you do the change? Is it the Ethernet Adapter MAC address, or something else?

  4. If anyone sees this because of team viewer being weird again and thinking youre a commercial space: INSTALL ANYDESK. My god is it way faster. UI and login is a little wonk (no login actually) but wow is it fast. Highly recommend it to everyone!

  5. hi… all step in yr video i had done.. but the teamviewer just gv 5 minute to connect…. after 5 minute will auto log out….could u pls advice thanks

  6. When you encounter a teamviewer that does not support free use and does not want to pay an expensive fee, the best way is to find an alternative.

    TeamViewer requires very expensive fees and costs $599 in just one year. And when I was looking for an alternative, I found "hideasoft remote desktop", which costs $50 for a lifetime and is more powerful than TeamViewer. It can connect up to 1000 terminals and can support video conferencing. I think this is the only real alternative to TeamViewer.


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