The 1990 Lexus LS 400 Was the Beginning of Lexus




The 1990 Lexus LS 400 was the beginning of Lexus — and one of the first Japanese luxury cars. Today I’m reviewing the original Lexus LS400 to see why the LS 400 had such a huge impact on the car world.

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  1. The comparison is just dumb. The 1990 lexus interior looks as good as a mercides S class same year model if not better

  2. "Before this car, the only luxury vehicles were American or European brands" – WRONG! Acura was selling cars in North America in 1986.

  3. doug got it wrong on the simplicity of the 1st generation lexus. it was high tech back then for what they had technology wise. technology has advanced so much. its like comparing cell phones back then vs the iphone11 of today.

  4. BMW on the low end. I dont think so Doug. BMW were in their prime back then.80's and 90's were BMW prime time.

  5. My coWorker had a 93 in 93 and i remember my 1st ride in it Quietest car i ever rode in. I remember a fire truck passing us and you could barely hear it! Oh BTW he picked up(got phone numbers) every girl we passed with ease and i was jus so impressed by the car, it was amazing!

  6. Thanks for doing this, Doug! Brings back memories, I spent a lot of time being carpooled in this as a young girl in middle and high school. My dad bought it for her, he was always pretty car savvy. After your review I remember why I didn't drive it too much, it was a squishy boat! (I was learning to drive, and enjoying on her old the Volvo 760!) But I remember admiring that Lexus. And also destroying it in Street Fighter!

  7. In every one of doug's videos, I only watch the quirks and features part. The driving part and the dougscore part are pretty useless.

  8. The Lexus LS 400 appears in both Street Fighter II and Final Fight
    as a vehicle that you destroy in both game's bonus rounds.

  9. Small correction Doug, the W126 was an S-class of that time. Very, very reliable vehicle. Yes, more expensive…

  10. 19:34 well Doug, you can thank´s today "normal" to Toyota´s yesteryear thinking… the quiet motor was the main key element of the engineering along with a quality and thus a reliability no one offer at the time, not to mention at that price.

  11. I own a 96 ls400 same color combo as this and let me tell you ITS A BEATIFULL CAR SMOOTH AS SILK AND I LOVE IT I GET COMPLIMTED EVERYWHERE I GO!! this was THE KING OF THE ROAD BACK THEN AND STILL IS today !! You’re comparing a 29-year-old difference between an old model and the new model instead of bashing this vehicle and comparing it to a brand new one how about comparing it to its competitors of that era! HORRIBLE REVIEW DOUG

  12. Thanks Here’s some Preloved Lexus Luxury from T H=A I L A N D Bangkok-Johnny CarSanook Media

  13. You’re comparing the ride quality of a car with 40,000 miles and 30yrs of service against a brand new car. Perhaps acknowledge that next time.

  14. Most new luxury cars are a joke.. basically a new luxury car is defined as any car with a 30" screen with 4 different sport modes


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