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Should You Buy a 4K HDR Monitor? The LG 27UK850 has a 27″ 3840×2160 resolution, HDR, USB-C, FreeSync and 100% sRGB colour. So is HDR any good for PC Gaming & Should you buy the LG 27UK850 for £600/$700? Amazon US: | LG.COM:

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  1. So that's nearly perfect monitor for console gaming. Even on PS5 to play 4K@60hz (also AMD's CPU and GPU, so FreeSync should work fine)

  2. How does this compare to the Dell UP2718Q? They look very similar on paper, which would be a better option 50/50 use on photo editing and some RPG games.

  3. Hi Tom, could you provide some opinion on how clarity and sharpness of monitor compares to the retina screen of MacBook Air. I've purchased a dell 25 inch but the picture quality is quite grainy in comparison, even in its native 2k resolution. e.g. the letter J really shows the roughness. I'll return it and I am thinking about the LG.

  4. Hi. Great video. Does it raise high enough so that there is enough height under the monitor to allow your 15 inch MacBook Pro open beneath the monitor as a secondary screen and use the keyboard?

  5. Going to sound like a total noob here – I don't know anything about games but I'd like to try one. What's the game he's playing in this demo and is it available on a Mac?

  6. Is it a glossy or semi-glossy panel on this montior? Since it is part (I think) of the apple certified monitors? I am looking for one in stores but can't seem to find to check.

  7. After i searched I am actually little confused, If i asked you to advise me " what is the best 4k monitor that i could buy with up to 600$ " I am a graphic and motion designer and game player, please according to your last experiences what do you advice me to buy,
    Thank you

  8. Hi there, I am interested in buying a new monitor primary for my photography work but I am also occasional gamer so it would be very nice to use that FreeSync option with my Radeon VII card. But I am not so sure that this monitor will be good enough in terms of color accuracy. How this display can handle against Benq PD2700Q or Benq PD2700U? Thank you in advance and best regards.

  9. Thank you for the work you do! I’m looking to add a monitor to my office setup and I choosing between this model and the ViewSonic VX4380-4K 43 Inch. What do you think? Also, what kind of keyboard and mouse are you using in this video?

  10. Hey short question: I've just purchased the newer model 27UL850. Looks pretty clean; however, I can't figure out how to get 4k on YouTube via the usb c cable. Do you know if this is only possible via HDMI? This would be pretty stupid and I would return the monitor. Hope you have an answer. Cheers, from Germany

  11. I got the 2018 macbook pro 15 whith radeon pro 560x 4gb and the mac is goin hot and the video movements are show in 4k in lg27uk850 .
    I got the apple cinema display 2kand is not slow and de macbook is not goin hot.
    Where is the problem?

  12. I’m thinking about buying the LG27UL600 at Beaty buy. It’s the same thing as this just not adjustable but do you think I should buy it if I play fast paced games on console mostly like cod and seige? Will the 5ms response time affect this?

  13. After reviewing two days for affordable photography monitor I decided go forward Lg UK650 thanks for your time and share your personal opinion. Thanks again.

  14. @techchap, what do you think is the best 32 inch 4k monitor? Running an Asus RTX2080 with an i9 9900k! Thanks for the info!

  15. Why no-one do review on LG 27UL850-W🤔. Which one do you think is better for the console LG 27UL850 or LG 27UK850?

  16. Hi Tom! I'm looking to buy this monitor and my question is whether the usb type c will let me charge and at the same time use it as an external monitor to my xps 13 9360 (8th gen-kaby lake). I would like a monitor that would let me do all that with just one cable so that i can plug my laptop and just charge it display at the same time. Thank you in advance.

  17. If you connect this via USB-C to the 2017 macbook pro will it run 60hz? And I have also read that whenever the monitor goes into sleepmode the whole hub turns off and all the connected devices will be disconnected. Seems like a bummer…

  18. the ONLY hdr monitors you should buy, are the ones with 1000 nits. You can BARELY see a difference between say 300 nits and 600. Don't waste your money and invest in a good IPS panel without 450 nits "hdr" , if you can't afford 1000 one.

  19. so I bought LG 27UK650 and now I just found this video, and now I dont know if I made the right decision. I am in the market for a great Monitor where I can work with my macbook pro and my mac mini and also a bit of xbox every so often. VESA mount is a must. but im looking to just go high quality that hopefully will last much longer than my broken Samsung monitors. is there a big big like OMG difference between the 650 and 850? thanks!

  20. I watched this review when it first came out and now I'm soon going to purchase it! It's only $400 right now on Amazon! I can't believe it!

  21. Hi tom! Bought the monitor, but I can’t seem to make it work when i plug in my laptop to USB-C mode.. input is set to usb C and also I’ve set the display settings to extended. I have a Dell XPS core i5 (Kabylake) any advice as maybe you encountered the same issue initially during setup..?


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