The Chinese myth of the immortal white snake – Shunan Teng


Dive into the world of Chinese folk tales with the myth of the white snake, a story of the demon Bai Su Zhen and her love, Xu Xian. (Part One of the myth of the white snake).

The talented herbalist Xu Xian had just started his own medicine shop where he created remedies with the help of his wife, Bai Su Zhen. One day a monk named Fa Hai approached him, warning him that there was a demon in his house. The demon, he said, was Bai Su Zhen. Xu Xian laughed. How could his kind-hearted wife be a demon? Shunan Teng traces the tale of the immortal white snake.

Lesson by Shunan Teng, directed by Kino Bino.

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  1. What comes next for Bai Su Zhen and Xu Xian? Will they live happily ever after? Or will Fa Hai finally get his way? Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss part two of this saga!

  2. theres a chinese drama based off of this myth. I believe its called The Legend of The White Snake. The plot is very very accurate comparing it to the myth. 10/10 recommend

  3. I lik this ending…its a happy ending…ik this stary with an alternative and it brjngs me to tears everytime i think bout it

  4. This is late but it kinda reminds me of the movie "The Sorcerer and the White Snake" or something similar to that.

  5. I’ve never in my life heard somebody pronounce a Chinese name so fluently! Are you Asian by a any chance? (Im Chinese)

  6. Demon or not he was happy to see his wife" But if I was the husband and that bi_Ch was like " KooKOO CAK CAkH " and Spun around in the air HA im leaving and taking the kids

  7. So, as we Indians put it…she was a Ichaadaari nagin. Nagin = snake, ichaadaari nagin = A snake that can take any shape. 🌚
    BTW, if you're wondering…I'm ichaadaari octopus. I'm Ursula! 😂


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