The Final Gladiator Championship – BETRAYED! | Domina Gameplay Ending (Update)


Domina Gameplay Ending, Let’s Play! – Were we ready for the end game?

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Welcome back to Domina Part 1! Build up your Ludus and engage in Roman Battles. Let’s Play Domina!

Acquire, train, upgrade, and whip your brutish towards victory in the arenas of ancient Rome. Domina is a pixel-art strategy simulation vaguely based on Roman schools of antiquity currently available on PC for Steam. #Domina #Gameplay

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  1. Man, I hadn't ever seen this game finished with a good ending. Still a little disappointing, though.

    I'd love to see you do a, I suppose, more casual infinite mode on this since getting the lions is always a treat and it's more likely to happen there.

  2. Can anyone plz tell me why" The big one" in the game last day on earth is roaming around in the yellow marked forest

  3. I was playing final day on earth today right,was just gathering wood when another survivor comes out I go to fight him but no my character needed to pee so I died with all my wood and a couple good weapons was the worst thing that happened to me in the game I'm still triggered

  4. mr falcon i learned that everyone you sell goes to the side of the ones who want to kill you according to a video i watched

  5. i think you should show your face i mean put a camera or a box in the corner of every video, showing your face where we can see your reaction while playing games im sure they all gonna like my suggestion haha! keep it up man!

  6. WHAT IF YOU PLAY ON EASY/mild you don't get freed by the emperor you get killed even if you won the battles

  7. really like this game but the end splash screen is not too good. the protagonist was born in wealth and privilege. even if they fell on hard time, a large dose of privilege was used. only roman nobles could own slaves and the trainer just….arrived because he had a pre-existing relationship with your parents.


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