The LG G6 Running Android Pie is Awesome and Ready for 2020!


I updated my LG G6 to Android Pie manually and so far the performance has been better than expected. I removed the bloatware and performed a factory reset twice. This is my experience with Android Pie on the LG G6 and I believe anyone who is on a budget looking for a great phone would be happy with this device except if battery life is important and if they are not tech savvy enough to update this to Android Pie themselves.

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  1. Which model are you using? My US997 still has no Pie update in March 2020. Built in software update won't update past 21C. Had to use LG UP just to get to 21E.

  2. I have an AT&t unlocked LG G6 on T-Mobile, I haven't been able to update since November 1st. Does anyone know how I could get pie.

  3. LG G6 will chunky and occasionally reboot it self if you install Pie.

    Tried from nougat, Oreo, and Pie.. and i revert back to Nougat as i think it the most stable for G6

  4. Laggiest android experience i have ever tried on android 9 update.. rigging from it right now.. piece of shit ! .. my phone is brand new 24hrs old .. my previous phone htc u11 was a Ferrari compared to this shit !

  5. I have been using lg g6 (H872 T-Mobile) for past 2 years and was thinking about getting a new phone. But this video changed my mind 😂. I may just use it for another year. But the problem is my g6 is stuck on Android Oreo which is not that great. And i cant even find a good detailed step by step processs to manually update it to either android 9 or 10.

  6. awesome … I have one its from 2017 since then untill PIE OS's a 360° experience! I ihavnt touched my other device Poco F1 since then. I swear LG with it's device hardware with very first WA lens on a consumer device with professional video / audio experience 👌💟

  7. I'm in India and today I got pie update foy my LG G6. After the update, my battery life increased drastically. I'm using for 3 years and still it works great. Love u LG 🥰🥰

  8. I've just bought a used LG G6 and immediately tested its battery health with the AccuBattery app and had a varying result of 83-85% over the past 3 charging times. I wonder how this stacks up against your unit which I suppose you've had for 2 years now. And please enlighten me as to how you get an accurate measurement of screen on time. I'll also be waiting for your comprehensive review on this device. Thanks.

  9. Slap a battery case on it and it's as good as gold. I'm on the boost Mobile variant still on android 8.1. I wonder if the unlocked versions are less restricted.


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