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What’s up my Beardos and Weirdos!


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I had a lot of fun making this video, and diving back into r/LGBT. While we’re experiencing a crazy issue with the lighting, I still think it’s a good one. A lot of positivity, good vibes, and some honestly hard laughs. I hope you’re all staying well out there.

Much love.


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  1. Not just gay characters, I think there needs to be more trans characters in tv shows,
    or characters who are b o t h 😀
    why yoga pants .-.

  2. everything about this, your smile, your laugh,, your jokes, your reassuring words, just everything about this makes me so happy and I cant not smile when watching your videos, they all make me feel so optimistic, you're a truly wonderful person and we all appreciate everything you do 🙂 💖

  3. 3:39 “do you want to see my coo coo?” If y’all didn’t see Cynthia, y’all ain’t payin enough attention 🥳👏👏

  4. Hey One Topic. Don't know if you'll see this but I wanted to share with you that there's this lovely little voice only lockdown bit done with the Good Omens characters of Crawley and Aziraphale. It can be found on the Terry Prachett estate's youtube acount. I thought you might be interested in light of the what you read at 10:33 ish. ^-^ It's not really s*xy but it is very sweet and a bit funny as well.


  6. Hey, i have a question. I was born female and identified as one. But I have short hair and sometimes people can't tell if i'm a girl so they use they/them pronouns. I like it. I also like being a girl. What am i?

  7. YouTube should make certain rule exceptions depending on what the channel is at it’s core. That way it is impossible for someone who is visiting a channel for the first time and sees hateful content can’t immediately have it taken down without watching at least 10 videos from that channel to get an idea on what that channel is about.

  8. Maybe historians have to say they weren't gay because they didn't have concrete proof. Can any historians confirm this
    and if there is concrete proof and historians ares till denying it they are either ignorant or being paid to say it

  9. So I know when we go to hell we get the punishment we done to people happen to us, so do gays have a little room on the side filled with glitter and all the lgbtq flags? After all we did nothing wrong so I guess we get one hell of a party when we die😂🎉🏳️‍🌈

  10. So I haven’t told many on the internet about the story of me coming out to my parents but it was the best thing, I came out to my dad through text and he was very understanding, he read about it and understood it. I came out to my mom and stepdad through Instagram, by making a post about me coming out as non binary, my mom read about it and even agreed on maybe changing my name. I honestly love my parents and friends who supported me. Sorry for writing so much^^

  11. 5:44
    My moms friend would take me or our friends kids to see a kids movie so they wouldn’t be embarrassed (which is dumb)

  12. I think that there might be enough LGBT presentation in media considering that I think 5% of the population is LGBT or something like that
    The problem is how LGBT is represented in the media

  13. Kids don't understand gays! No but they understand that 'a dad has to bitch and moan about his wife and that he and is unable to take care of children' because it's funny and that wedding is a trap, because that gets you laughs ya know…

  14. I dont just want gay characters
    I want gay characters that effect the plot too.
    Like with personalities and not just their whole thing being that they are gay

  15. To people who think kids dont understand gay couples, I just want you to know I told my 5-7 year old friend about gay and lesbian couples and they had one second of thier mind being blown and then completely grasped the concept.

  16. Having a gay person or a gay couple in anime is a great way to keep the fandom alive with r34

  17. 17:14 film theory actually went into this. i suggest taking a look but it takes several years, about 7 i think it was?? for a male fish to transition and most times even longer. not to mention Marven is already depicting female behavioral traits (being protective over his son acting like a leader etc) which lines up perfectly with clownfish anatomy (the brain is the first to change.) so just because Marven's transition is complete doesn't negate this truth.

  18. Fun fact: A lot of fish are also hermaphrodites! Ie: they have both male and female reproductive organs! Shoutout to all the enby folks out there! You all are heckin' VALID!

  19. when I heard only your voice and hadn't seen your face yet I thought you were markiplier. you have the same laugh

  20. 4:35 that is literally the most ignorant and stupid thing I have heard on the 13 years I have laid my feet on this planet, like fr why do you think the word BI sexual exists you illogical swine


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