Toxic Crusaders (Sega Genesis) – Leftover Culture Review


Toxic Crusaders for the Sega Genesis brings me back right to beginning of the Leftover Culture Review; checking out retro video games in the guise of these are new in Australia because we’re so far behind.

The difference is we were just left out… But with the Internet and eBay firmly placed in our 21st century tool-belts, I can finally discover this awesomely 90s franchise and genuinely get excited about some pure Leftover Culture that I have only just discovered.

Toxic Crusaders is a cartoon-franchise based off the R-rated Troma movie series Toxic Avenger. In the same vein as cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They even had their Playmates toy line which you can check out here;

So the Toxic Crusaders got games on the Nintendo (NES), Game Boy and the Sega Genesis. Personally, I was a little surprised by the Sega Genesis version and I really wanted to shine a spotlight on this multiplayer beat ’em up that often gets overshadowed by its Nintendo counterparts.

Toxic Crusaders is obviously a really flawed game. A cash-in on a franchise that never went far, but it’s a game that brings a lot of charm and characters from the cartoon series.


Check out the Toxic Crusaders Action Figures at the LOCR official website;



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  1. American here. Loved the Genesis game, cartoons and toys when I was a kid. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone has forgotten about it. Thank you for the video

  2. just picked this up for 12$ and i love its fast pace. im a huge fan of tromas "bad taste" humor and im glad that the game stays true to troma cheapness with that reused dialogue, reminds me of that car flipping over scene from sgt kabukiman that they keep reusing LOL

  3. Hey there. I'm Australian and remember watching the show when I was a kid. It may have been on agros cartoon connection if I remember correctly

  4. Maybe I was disturbed as a youth, but toxic crusaders always made me want to see a game more closely follow the movie as far as gore and everything that made the first Toxic Avenger movie so ridiculous. I suppose games like Postal will have to suffice…

  5. The game responded well, but honestly, the level design was just horrible. Precise navigation should never be done on a 3D plane. I'd be more forgiving if the levels were not as asinine to navigate through. That, and the fact that Toxie is forced to be P1 in a co-op game.

  6.  Toxic Crusaders is not the best game on the Sega Genesis but is defiantly a real hidden gem. I picked this game up at a thrift store when I first started collecting Genesis games, they had it originally priced at five bucks but marked down to a dollar so I bought it.

  7. I have enjoyed and shared your cool Sega Genesis Toxic Crusaders review with our +2100 members facebook group: SEGA Retro Gamers

    Subscribed to your channel – Keep up the great work!

  8. i've watched the toxic avenger its goofy and cheesey but thats the 80s for ya a great era for movies those days of classics are long gone anyway great review man

  9. Great video! It brought me back to my childhood, seeing the cartoon and toys. I had a number of them as a kid and, like I told you before, I had this game. I really enjoyed it back then, and I bought it again a few months back. It's not a great game, and it does have its flaws, but it'll always be one of my favorite Genesis games.

  10. Thank you, RetrowareTV for pointing me in the direction of so many great uploaders in the community!!! 

    This is a freaking AWESOME channel!

  11. Wait, you're Australian?! FFFFFFFfffffffff- I need to work on my accents. Could have sworn you were British.

  12. The early 90’s saw a ton of team based action hero shows, from Street Sharks to Biker Mice from Mars… But I’ve not once ever heard of this show or game! Fun review dude.

  13. Friggin' rad video, man!

    The cartoon was on tv in Melbourne in the 90's.

    We see the figures a lot at markets, and op shops too around here.

    I also got a couple of the comics back in the day. They weren't very good, but they had Sam Keith covers.

  14. Dude do you realise that skynet have built terminator based on Atari 7800's ? You need to get a 7800 in your arsenal and a mk1 megadrive

  15. "Based of such a quality kids T.V show… that lasted one season!" you never fail to make me cry laughing 🙂

  16. I am pretty sure we got Toxic Crusaders in Australia on early morning TV in the 90's. I remember watching it with my brother back in the day.

    The Toxic Avenger (slight name change) by Troma films is great for completely different reasons. They are really adult, politically incorrect B movies with lots of fake blood, bad jokes & nudity and they don't take themselves too seriously. It's also worth checking out the Angry Video Game Nerd's interview with the creator of Troma for a laugh

  17. Never heard of Toxic Crusaders, Loved the look of it, Loved the review, Loved the Beard. 10/10 Will watch again. Thanks Chris 🙂

  18. Aslong as you keep making, I'm gonna keep liking, commenting and sharing your work. One of my fav youtubers for sure


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