Toy Commander Playthrough Part 1


Its time to kick ass and play with our childhood toys once again!

This is a Playthrough of one gem of a game, from the good old days, the late 90’s,
Kick ass, its what i’d call it, Toy commander is on of those games that never, no mather how much you play it, one of those games that i’d say, withstood the test of time,

This is my first playthrough of a Dreamcast game, hope you enjoy, and brings as much memories for you as it brings to me,

Im playing through all the levels in the game,

Im playing on the emulator by the way, NullDC, at the end of the levels, the score menu, the music slows down for a while, this is already working well on Part 2, enjoy,

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  1. I knew this was gonna be a nostalgia blast but I wasn't quite prepared for such an immense amount of it. Wow. This was a substantial part of my childhood lol! 😀

  2. I fuckin loved this game of course, but there was something about this game that made it seem really lonely when I’d play this game by myself, maybe it’s cause there’s no music or something I just remember as a kid some of the games on the Dreamcast would feel like that. And no other consoles had that same feeling to me but especially this game and jet set radio. But goddamn I loved this fuckin game. And absolutely loved this console, the house of the dead 2game with the controller gun. Was SOOOO fuckin fun and I got sooooo good at that shit. What a great period of time of my life these days were

  3. I was 17 when I picked this up along with Soul Caliber. Sonic Adventure, and Code Veronica and really didnt get around to play this much but remember how good it looked at the time. Im making up for that now.

  4. Watching this playthrough I realize that I probably never played it right, lol. I loooved this game amd all I can remember is just fucking around!?

  5. Dear god this game was my everything as a kid. I fuckin never should have sold my Dreamcast and games!?!?!?!

  6. If anybody played the old toy story game on the N64, this looks incredibly similar to it, especially the kitchen

  7. I used to play a lot when i was a child a demo of this game with dreamcast, and rush 2049, sonic, chu chu rocket

  8. Nothing quite like playing multiplayer deathmatch on this with a few mates! Whole SP campaign was pretty cool, too.

  9. At 7:35 we can find a box that mentions the 20th anniversary of Sonic…. in a game released only 8 years after the first sonic!?

  10. Absolute retarded, that this fun little game is yet another forgotten cuntsole exclusive!
    If SEGA wouldn't be such a piece of sht company. They could have build an awesome franchise with this, for young & old alike!
    Would I buy a Toy Commander 5 for Me? Absolutely. Would I buy it for My child to play with? Obviously, Yes,yes!
    The PC version was almost finished. Then they canceled it. Instead of releasing as it was, giving people the chance to Mod it!

  11. So this game crept into my thoughts last night right before I was about to go to bed and I've begun the nostalgia trip…

  12. Ahh! The nostalgia! Please tell me someone! How can I play this game right now?! Are there emulators?



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