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Hunting rabbits in Denmark with my buddy´s
Shot´s fired and rabbits are killed at 1:50 – 2:55 and 16:36 Dont miss that!

Equipment used in this video:

Mortens setup: Blacktail Sitka recurve 56″ 42@26 – Goldtip Entrada with 100 grain insert and a G5 Montec broadhead

Thomas´s setup: Blacktail Sitka recurve 60″ 41@29 – Goldtip Entrada with 100 grain insert, and 150 grain Magnus Stinger

My setup: Blacktail Columbian Longbow 60″ 49@27 – Goldtip trad hunter, with 100 grain insert, and a Montec broadhead
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Small game hunting
Traditional bowhunting
Bowhunting in Denmark
Kanin jagt
Morten Skotte
Thomas Tilsted

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  1. What an awesome video, great landscape, great hunt, it really transfers the mood perfectly, i just feel a little bit sorry for morten when the rabbits played cat and mouse with him 😅 he really tried hard
    Your first shot happened so fast it looked like you catched it out of its jump, great shooting and thanks for sharing

  2. Tak for endnu en dejlig oplevelse. Du har et pragtfult forhold til naturen. Hvor købes grejet Her sat mig ind i erhvervelsen af jagttegnet i Hjallerup venlig hilsen Arne

  3. Really enjoyed the video. Never hunted rabbits with a broad head though. Usually use wood arrows with a heavy blunt, covered with a rubber blunt, delivered from a fairly heavy bow. You shoot very well.

  4. I see that life is treating you well; Blacktail bows, ha?

    My dream is to be able to buy one. Do they shoot well? They are obviously accurate.

    They are beautiful!

    Another beautiful and interesting hunting video.

    Best wishes from Slovenia!

  5. Fantastic shooting with the stickbow! I struggle to hit a rabbit at 40m with a compound bow and you're cleaning up with the trad stick.

  6. Nice shooting! Rabbits are tricky targets to hit, I have seen them dodge an incoming arrow before so well done on such clean kills. I assume there is a season for rabbits in Denmark? How long is it?
    I am a traditional archer in New Zealand, we are very lucky here – No tests to pass, no seasons for game animals, and some great area's to hunt. I feel bad I don't get out more when I watch videos like this. Thanks for taking the time to share your passion for bowhunting I really enjoy all your videos 🙂


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