Train likely belonging to Kim Jong-un seen near Wonsan: 38 North


38노스 “김정은 전용추정 열차, 이번 주 북한 원산 역에 정차”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hasn’t been seen in public in weeks, and there are rumors that he’s gravely ill,… but a train likely belonging to him has reportedly been spotted near his compound in the eastern city of Wonsan.
That’s according to the U.S.-based North Korea monitoring website 38 North, citing satellite pictures.
It says the train has been parked near the compound since at least last Tuesday.
38 North notes, however, that the train’s presence does not prove that Kim is there.
Meanwhile, the Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai reported Saturday that Kim is in a “vegetative state” after a stent procedure gone wrong.
The North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency reported Sunday that Kim delivered a message of thanks to the workers who took part in building the new city of Samjiyon.
That report, however, included no pictures.
Kim has not been seen on multiple key dates for the regime, including yesterday’s 88th anniversary of the North Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.


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  1. kim jong-un is already dead that's the truth….the common sense is no physical show in every important occasion in the country… that cruel fat leader of Nkorea is already burn in hell

  2. Why doesnt he pop that little fat head up and say im not dead. Why doesn't that mean sister of his. make a statement

  3. Sir, what does the statement " Train belonging. …… Kim Jong un seen near wonsan" .Does it mean nobody could sight it in wonsan?

  4. NOT sure whether KIM is alive or not…but if not, they will replace him with a family member, who will continue to kill, jail, starve, kidnap, terrorize family members that escape the regime, so nothing will change for the citizens of NKorea!

  5. The only person se shedding any tears is Dennis Rodman everybody else is having a party. Hey Kim don't let the door to the afterlife hit you on the ass on the way in.

  6. This is gonna be like Elvis sightings. Soon we'll begin to see Dear Leader's image appearing in credit union windows in Clearwater.

  7. Kim Jong Un is too fat for Asian doctors to operate on. He should have a stand by surgeon from either US or Europe.

  8. He was supposed to pay the Chinese for releasing the Wuhan flu as Trumps Christmas gift. Now they are there to collect.

  9. Probably getting his hair cut. It's a closed country and had been since the failed Korean war. So who cares ?

  10. I don't know what all the FUSS is about with KIM JONG-UN, "KIM IS ALRIGHT", i see him yesterday, he was playing football in Pyongyang, he had a football match there, he plays midfield, he is a pretty good player, scored 1 goal yesterday

  11. Leave him alone .why is everyone interested in Kim.?Westerners cannot look after their own kind .Coronavirus proved their failure and yet North Korea is their main concern.

  12. Have gау scаt (meaning sniffing farts or sucking the feces straight out of his аnus) sех with Kim Jong Un


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