'VIP' Wide Body 1995 Lexus LS400 – One Take


This video was recorded at #GRIDLIFE Motorsports and Music Festival South, Road Atlanta. More info at:

This is a 1995 Lexus LS400 modified in the ‘VIP’ Style, which typically takes large, rear-drive, Japanese sedans and lowers them with large amounts of camber, stretched tires, aggressive body kits, and wild interior treatments. We take a tour through the paddock of #GRIDLIFE and see what it’s like to live that low, loud life.

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Full Build Sheet:
-Ksport air struts with 3/8 air lines
-Airlift V2 air management
-Viair 440c compressors
-dual 3 gallon air tanks
-Custom extended front lower control arms
-Custom extended tie rods
-Serial9 front upper control arms
-Godspeed rear camber and toe arms

-ARP extended wheel studs
-326 Power medium lugs with medium spikes
-Work VSKF wheels
-Front: 19×11 -37 with 15mm spacer for brakes (-52 effective offset) with 245/35/19 (7″ lip)
-Rear: 19×14 -76 with 305/30/19 (10″ lip)
-Red/Gold VS caps
-Gold anodized hardware

-Junction Produce Destiny body kit
-Brave grill
-JDM corner lights converted to turn signals
-Crystal clear turns converted to DRL’s
-Toyota Avensis fog lights
-Junction Produce B pillar trim
-326 power wing
-Braga tail lights with custom LED full dancing retrofit
-Quad 5″ exhaust tips
-326 power license plate bolts
-Custom metal widebody flares
-Toyota Venza Sunset Bronze Mica paint with added gold flake

-Nardi Gara steering wheel
-HKB hub and NRG quick release
-326 power member hang tag
-326 power head and seat pillows
-Pioneer double din head unit, factory nakamichi speakers, JBL 1400.1 amp, alpine type r 12″ subwoofer

-2.25″ true dual straight pipe

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  1. I don't care what kind of V8 car you have, if it's crossplane it sounds best with two completely separate pipes. One pipe for each bank, never connected in any way. No x- h- or y-pipe.

  2. Not gonna lie I saw the thumb nail and was gonna bag on this car. it’s actually a solid build not a fan of the wheel set up and the straight pipe 1UZ sounds really good

  3. it looks like someone dropped it out of a plane. this is what happens to your suspension after a dukes of hazard jump. this is the car that thelma and louise drove off a cliff.

  4. many uneducated haters in the comments most of these haters don't even own a car. That's 1 of the reasons why the car scene is so toxic in America so many shit bags that only respect ur build if it suits thier needs

  5. This is 1 of the sickest ls400 ever to exsist tastefully done just badass show stopper & different 4 this show!! Fav part is the mocha shifter

  6. Why did Matt Farah have to even go there and be like oh yeah of course they're about it course the brothers are about it the brothers you mean the black people

  7. Confused, no. Its the equivalent of donk, point and laugh worthy, clown shoes, people watch maurry for the same reason….worst smoking tire episode ever…


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