What Happened to Huntik?


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  2. A rather nieche but great show, which I gladly keep on my nostalgia list next to avatar and pokemon. Nice to see a vid like this on it.

    oh dang. that cardgame was actually quite interesting with the asymetric missions and all. more like a casual tabletop than competitive tho

  3. I want huntik back so bad I remember watching it as a kid and I loved it and I was so sad when it got cancelled

  4. Dude, your channel is reintroducing me to shows I glossed over as a kid/teenager that I kind of wish I'd given more of a chance.

  5. Honestly I would kill for a remaster of this show's season 1 and 2, with better animation, voicing and action

  6. This is old, but I remember making our own amulets and creatures with the only classmate who knew about this show back in middle school.
    That's how we became friends! I actually remember this show really fondly.

  7. I always liked the titan intro clips, you could get a good look at them before they all started fighting, and the music was often pretty cool so it felt epic asf. Except for power bonded kiperin, that got annoying real fast, that was waaaay to long.
    Also, generally, the more often the titan was seen, the shorter its intro clip would get. Except… bloody kiperin of course…

  8. I think this show needs a reboot. It needs time to breath with people almost taliking over each other much of the time. The story is good with characters evolving and learning but the budget hurt it bad.

    I think a good writer and director with money and voice talent could make an amazing show. He'll even keeping the voice work could be ok.

  9. I found the show on Netflix, however they have taken it down. I thought the premise of the show was good. And yes, they may have taken some liberties with the history’s information, but if the kid wanted to know more they could research it. The Titan’s amulets and creatures were way cool making me wish I had some. But oh well, not gonna happen. Haha. As for the animation, original shows could get remastered with better details. As for continuing, the organization could have been better organized and have laid low while the Spiro group was taking front and maybe taking a few years for the team to grow adding the brothers from season two as another team to help out. This could give time for a few of the amulets to made or lost from agents. I enjoyed watching the show and would watch again if it comes back on.

  10. Near the city of Rome there's a nice amusement park where there's a very nice Huntik attraction. I went there and i remember you have like to shoot at some creatures of the show. It is vey well made.


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