Why I Now Hate Game Theory


I used to love Game Theory, but after seeing the direction it has taken, I no longer can even stand watching it.

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  1. I apologize in advance if anything I say comes off as rude.
    I do believe MatPat is one of the few more hard-working, dedicated and self-less YouTuber's. He has millions of subscribers for a reason, and I'm sure several people would disagree with this video. Admittedly, I don't intend to finish it entirely because the points given weren't arguable. If his theories lacked humor (or failed humor, whatever you would call it) it wouldn't be no where near as enjoyable. Perhaps it was why I couldn't continue on with this video. It seemed as though your opinions were biased, correct me if I'm wrong, and I couldn't see where you were getting at. He can't take critique? Several people can't; the difference is how you handle it. Reading hate comments wouldn't be visually pleasing to most either. Especially considering the blood, sweat and tears he put into making great content for his viewers. That is all. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

  2. These are the reasons why I disagree with you:

    1: You did not explain why you think they extend videos without reason. And you not provide any examples of them extending videos without reason.

    2: Lots of people like the comedy bits about the games ALONGSIDE the theories. (I get it’s your opinion I guess).

    3: Not his choice to get selected, so why hate on him?

    4: “Why are you a sellout” that criticism is not constructive in any way, why is he a sellout, in what way? How is Matpat supposed to respond to that?

    5: His entire audience is pressuring him to do FNAF theories, he even states that he wants to more diverse theories but his audience wants FNAF.

    6: That point is actually valid if he does deny game theory theories being disproven, but from what I’ve seen he does admit mistakes in past theories.

    But hey, that’s just a theory,

    A G A M E T H E O R Y

  3. The overall video was good but I feel constructive criticism shouldn't have much swearing… It doesn't bother me that much but it seems less civil.

  4. For that fnaf point
    If he makes a single video other than fnaf, his cancerous fans just say “gIvE uS fNaF”
    If he makes fnaf his fans say “mAkE vIdEoS tHaTs nOt fNaF”

  5. EveN thought matpat doesn’t responed to criticism well, I don’t think he is a bad person, as he donated thousendes of dollers to charity

  6. Saying he's a sellout is an opinion not a question
    He doesn't even respond to haters
    If he wanted to he could stretch out his videos way more
    And of course you need to watch further into a video than 4 minutes he needs to explain the basics so everyone's on the same page
    Not hating just saying.

  7. I disagree, but fully respect your opinion. However I do want to say… why would they send Pewds to meet the POPE. That is an infinitely worse idea than Mat-Pat.

  8. Okay listen, Matt is the nerd we all- most of us- or some- know and love. He makes nerdy jokes that a lot of people might not understand. He said it himself, the nerdiest channel on YouTube. He tries to make us understand the game. Also, he can take criticism. At least he’s mature about it and doesn’t take in all the bad comments,he ignores them like a CALM person would do. This is so unnecessary. He’s an adult, a very SMART one too. Please don’t-

  9. I understand you, and everyone has their own opinions, but I’m just gonna stick with fnaf and Game Theory for now. 🤙

  10. i mean i dont blame him for doing a lot of fnaf theories, the people want to see them and if he wants to keep pulling in the views hes gotta do more. or hes just going insane about an animatronic bear

  11. People hated that MatPat met the pope because instead of giving an actual valuable gift he gave a copy of Undertale.

  12. I agree with you. GT was a great channel, and MatPat did a good job in keeping fans satisfactory. However as time went on, the content lost quality. It was hard even for me to watch a video for a whole 10 minutes without getting bored. I'm struggling to not hate it now.


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