Windows Server 2016 Licensing Simplified


Have you ever tried to license a Windows Server, but couldn’t figure out which ones to get? I have done my best to simplify the complicated Microsoft Licensing rules and consolidate them into easy to understand language.



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  1. Hi and how are you all thank you in advance in in sparing me the time of your day to look into mine, so here goes! I am interested in getting Microsoft Essential and I wanna know the down right basics of what to know about it and money wise as I would only wanna use it for home use and access outside of the home. I understand that yes ofc I'll have to buy it hehehe! but are there any fees should I be aware of other than just buying it outright from microsoft? are there yearly fees to be paid and do i have to pay some amount of money depending on how many cores I have? again thank you very much for your time you've put in reading mine, you and your time spent are greatly appriciated.

  2. So if I had a server with 60 AD Users, and it was just as simple as those users connect to the domain and then have a basic file server, would I need 60 User CALS? or 65ish for the random service accounts? Or would it be smarter to just license with Device CALS and not worry about the number of AD users?

  3. You really, really need a tripod. Hand-held camera movement in a talking head (i.e., presentation) video is extremely distracting and induces motion sickness. There is a plethora of vids on improving production values; take a look and take the suggestions to heart. Using a tripod (available for as little as $10 and quite good starting at $100) is a no-brainer. Good luck and sorry I had to stop watching at about the 1 minute mark due to such distracting motion.

  4. This is just totally nuts lol

    I wanted to set up a small server at home for file sharing, streaming video and to try and learn about virtual machines, since I started trying to understand which version I should get, whether I would need to get extra licenses of some kind or not I swear I have gotten more confused rather than less and suspect I might have dropped several IQ points during the process too

    So much so that I am considering not even bothering with server now and just using windows 10 instead which is a shame as I wanted to see what AD and the new way of remotely connecting to a network was like to get to grips with but the whole process just feels like far too much unnecessary nonsense to bother with

  5. I am confused about the following scenario: For a Windows Server 2016 to run as a web server only that hosts a web portal (shop) what type of license do I need ? What about the portal users that access the web portal via internet (simply users in a database and not AD users or so) ? These users sign up and create an account with their email. In that scenario what licenses would I need ? thanks for the great video and help in advance.

  6. Hi ,

    Thanks for the info , Kindly let me know if i am using 2016R Std Edition With OEM Pack Server CD

    Do i need to buy separate Licence or Not



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