World Of Warcraft Quest Info: Super Sticky


Quest: Super Sticky
WOW Quest ID: 24737
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Loremaster: Un’Goro Crater
Side: Both
Start: Tara
End: Tara

Collect 8 samples of Super Sticky Tar.

I’m always looking for a quick way to earn a gold, Weronica. If you help me with my newest idea, I’ll let you in on a little of the profit. How does that sound to you?
I thought so!
We’re going to be making some glue. Head to the tar pits just north of here, and collect me some tar. Not just any tar, now, you’ll need to get it from the beasts that live around the tar pits. As a bonus, if you use my tar scraper on their corpses, you’ll keep your hands nice and clean.

This Super Sticky Tar is created using Tara’s Tar Scraper on the tar beasts of Un’Goro Crater:
Tar Beast
Tar Lurker
Tar Creeper
Tar Lord

/*** All other languages ***/
DE: Superkleber
ES: Superpegajoso
FR: Ultra collant
IT: Appiccicosissima
PT: Supergrudento
RU: Суперлипучка
KR: 초강력 접착제
CN: 极度粘稠
TW: 超級粘瀝青


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